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Monday, December 5, 2011

Tips for searching Google's depths.

You know there are many sorts of tweaks and tips for searching Google's depths,
but you don't really have them right at your fingertips when you need them, so you punt. Well, punt no more! Just print out this cool infographic or just bookmark it. Happy Searching!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info! :D Facebook Twitter

Hento the loony repairman :D said...

Hmmmmmmmmmn most of these work on windows and mac, option key is control for pc.. and omg the search tips i didnt know of, just usd - or "not" or + XD saved and printed!!!

MIL said...

good tips, thx for info

Snivli said...

Wow good to know lol only knew how to check like euro's to dollars :P good post helped alot, much easier to find things :D thanks

Peanut said...

good tips :P

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